Welcome To SpeechTrader

The idea for SpeechTrader.com came shortly after working with a brain injury patient I had been seeing for some time. I had quickly run out of relevant material for this guy and pulled a very popular and well-known cognitive rehab book from my shelf. I decided to challenge him with identifying inconsistencies in sentences and presented him with this: “I paid 86.27$ to fill my gas tank yesterday.” My patient gave me a long vacant look. I quickly realized that his lack of expression was not due to his brain injury. It was because the year is 2014 and there is absolutely nothing absurd about this sentence. It was only absurd back in 1990 when I first began practicing.

With no budget or funds from my employer, I set out to find more current materials at a low price. I found several really cool websites that offered creative materials made by practicing speech pathologists. I was blown away by the ingenuity and creativity of my colleagues. However, I was disappointed that all the materials catered to school age kids and the websites seemed to accommodate teachers.  I work in a small hospital and need materials for inpatients and outpatients of all ages and diagnoses. I decided that it was time for speech therapists to have their own website to collaborate and share materials.

I presented the idea to my colleague and she was also able to see the potential in developing a marketplace website dedicated to speech pathologists. Thus, SpeechTrader, LLC was created.

Our Team: